The Advantages Of Buying And Using A Vehicle That You Can Use Also Use For Carpooling

During these financially difficult times, it is prudent to buy a high-occupancy or seven passenger vehicles and using them to carpool on the way to work or school. By having more people use one vehicle, the cost of travelling including fuel and road tolls would be reduced. Also, sharing a ride is a greener alternative as it decreases your carbon footprint. Moreover, you will be actively contributing to decreasing traffic congestion and increasing the availability of parking spaces in the city. Governments understand the benefits of carpooling and are motivating their constituents by providing special lanes and parking spaces for carpoolers.

Nowadays, you can already find several kinds of seven-passenger vehicles which are great for carpooling. One would be the SUV, which have four wheel-drive capability, and spacious passenger cabins with three-row seating.   These kinds of vehicles are made with utility in mind, and it is common to see them being used to tow trailers and speed boats. They also have bigger wheels which allows makes them very useful during months of heavy snow. Then again, they are not very fuel efficient, making them rather unpopular nowadays when the price for petrol is very high.

Some people refer to minivans as multi-purpose vehicles. They are usually 5 to 7 passenger vehicles which have 2-3 row seating. Majority of minivans have seats that can be taken out, or folded to offer variable seating or cargo space. As opposed to their SUV counterparts, current minivans are almost always front-wheel drives. Crossover SUVs on the other hand combines features of a sport utility vehicle and that of a station wagon. They are not as rugged as SUVs, and are hence mostly used only on paved city streets. A lot of consumers can’t tell the difference between a crossover SUV and an SUV. To make things easier, one could think of these hybrids as SUVs placed on a car platform.

Since you will be buying a 7-passenger vehicle for your family, safety is a primary concern. Tests have shown that truck-like SUVs have the highest risk of rollover, which are very deadly. Research on a car’s crash test course with attention to side-impact crashes as this is the kind of collision that most likely will injure backseat passengers.

To ensure riding comfort, the car should have enough seating space after you have mounted your young child’s booster seat. Convenience is also a key factor to take into account. Go for vehicles which allow passengers to enter and exit effortlessly, and have seats that you can adjust to fit your different space and function requirements. You also have to take into account the fuel efficiency of the vehicle you intend to buy Check to see how many miles a vehicle can run on a gallon of fuel, the higher the MPG the better. 

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