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Mercedes-Benz E350 Cabriolet: The Unique Convertible

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

For a long time now, Mercedes-Benz continues practicing its expertise in this particular section and truly has grown into among the best, if not at the top of convertible driving.

Whether the big ol’ SL Class series or maybe the CLK model, each showcase a level of refinement different producers will be jealous of, with its roof on or off. The E-Class cabriolet is both amazing. Quiet, classy and costly, it suits the person who is seeking stylish originality. And evidently, owners of the drop top E-Class units want to show off its convertible capabilities.

Rather than getting a collapsible hard-top, Mercedes-Benz E350 went with a fabric roof and for you to own this convertible; you have to spend an extra $12,450 more compared to the coupe. And just like the coupe, it conveys much of its feature with the C-Class as opposed to the E-Class.

The C-Class is definitely an remarkable series so the E-Class cabriolet using its DNA with the C-Class is in fact not a bad factor. Their prices are wide varying from $100,000 for the four cylinder petrol into a tremendous $186,950 for a V8. The E350 is within the mid-range at a price tag of $140,000 pretty much.

The E350 cabriolet comes with a impressive cabin feel despite the fabric top and even though street noises is not suppressed as compared to the coupe or sedan, it isn’t really far off either. It is because of the high-quality insulation of its soft top that’s very impressive, specially when it is overtaking cars in the road or inside tunnels. Using this model, Mercedes-Benz implemented a “four season, four passengers” approach in addition to two essential components of technology for convenience development.

An all-new Aircap strategy is presented and with the Airscarf concept, keeps the passengers cozy regardless if motoring in the winter. The Aircap creates a simulated roof which has a directed flow of air above the passenger cockpit on the top of the windscreen simultaneously that the Airscarf emits warm air coming from air outlets which have been installed on top of the car seats.

After pushing a button, a small 6cm wing will rise from the top of the windscreen forcing external air upward and over occupant compartment. The room inside is great, particularly in the front as large passengers will instantly occupy legroom space at the back. Adults can easily enter the rear though that beats most of the competition. Nevertheless, any person taller than 180 cm may find it hard to get comfortable.