Stability and Versatility: Bakflip G2 Tonneau Covers

Here‘s the problem with conventional tonneau covers.  While hard truck bed tonneau covers might appear to be the best bet if you’re searching for maximum protection, it does, however, fall short on truck access and adaptability.  On the other hand, soft tonneau covers permit you the flexibility and also the access to your truck bed.  However, it does not guarantee you the protection you need for the cargo and truck bed.  But it’s a good thing that folding truck bed tonneau covers were invented.  They combined the flexibility and also the security of both the standard hard and soft tonneau covers.  One such ideal example will be the Bak Bakflip folding tonneau covers.

The Bakflip series has released the 2nd generation of hard-top folding truck tonneau covers, the Bakflip G2.  The Bakflip G2 gives you optimum protection for the truck bed and cargo while giving you full access to your own truck bed for cleaning or even carrying taller cargo for example bicycles, shelves and a whole lot more.  The hardy aluminum sections are baked with a layer of weather resistant epoxy primer and coated with a polyester-based coating, providing the strong as well as scratch free sections a sleek and clean appearance.  The panels also come with pre-installed hook loops and locking arms which permit you to have the truck bed cover partly opened up with no hassle.  And with its superior locking mechanism, you can rest assure that the cargo is protected within the truck bed, away from prying eyes and hands.

The particular Bakflip G2 is also super easy to install!  It includes 2 locking knobs for drill-free installation and easy removal.  Though you can employ anyone to set up the Bakflip G2 for you, you may also do the installation yourself within half an hour or less.  All you need to do is attach the Bakflip tonneau cover, fasten the knobs and you’re ready to go.  To spread out, just fold up the truck bed cover halfway or even all the way to the truck cab, based on your preference or the size of your cargo.  It’s so easy to use as well as set up, you won’t even need help in having it on your truck bed.

With its revolutionary style and hardy materials, this particular Bak tonneau cover will surely supply the protection you’ll need for the cargo and your truck bed.  And being an added bonus, it’s made with a drainage system that helps prevent waterlogging on the surface of the truck bed cover.  As you realize, waterlogging is one of the most well-known causes of hard-top as well as soft-top truck tonneau cover damages.  

It might chip the otherwise pristine surface of a hard-top truck tonneau cover or it could compromise the actual elasticity of soft truck bed tonneau covers due to the weight of the water accumulating on the tonneau cover surface.  But with the Bakflip’s innovative design, rest assured your truck tonneau cover is built to last for quite a long time.

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