Reasons Why Donating a Vehicle is a Good Option

If in your garage you are having a used car lying there then it is a good option for donating a vehicle. In fact, there are many reasons why donating a vehicle is a better idea compared to selling the vehicle to a used car buyer or dealer. Donating a vehicle to start with is an extremely easy process that is accomplished within an hour. All you have to do for donating a vehicle is to fill an online form at the charity website mentioning details of the car. When you are donating a vehicle, you can even request for free towing or pickup service if you do not have the time to personally deliver the car at the donation center or the car is a not in a good condition.


If you are having a vehicle even if it not in a drivable condition then also donating a vehicle to an organization is possible. This is because there are charity organizations that will accept donations of cars in a bad condition. When you are donating a vehicle they are sold to junk or salvage dealers. When you are donating a vehicle to a charity you get IRS tax deductions which are more or less equivalent to the fair market value of the car. Instead of donating a vehicle, if you want to sell it you may not always get the full value. As opposed to donating a vehicle, selling it will always fetch less money especially when you are dealing with used car dealers who draw a hard bargain. When you are donating a vehicle you can choose not to spend any money on the car. However when you want to sell off the car, you have to invest some additional money in order to get it to proper shape.


Therefore, for a car donor donating a vehicle not only saves their money but also saves their time. Donating a vehicle is a great way to dispose off your old car especially if you have a space crunch, without having to waste several days or even weeks trying to get a good bargain. Unlike donating a vehicle, selling a vehicle needs considerable time investment lost in repairs, test drives and negotiations. When you are donating a vehicle to a charity organization, you will also get good advice as to what the fair market value of the vehicle is and what is the right thing to do in order to get maximum returns on it. Donating a vehicle is quick and convenient with financial gains.


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