Low Price Transmission Shops — Watch out

A customer will call an request a repair quote.. They call and tell us they took their transmission repair to another shop because the cost was cheaper and they want advice on what to do.

The other shop pulled the transmission and then told them it was going to cost MORE than was agreed to. Now the customers are in a bad spot. This could turn into a huge legal problem. Even worse if you don’t pay the bill they can put a mechanics lean on your car.!! Once a unethical repair shop has removed your transmission, they can hold your car hostage..

Now the crooked shop wants to charge twice for the repair OR pay $600 for removing your transmission..00 because they pulled your transmission.

Most transmission repair shops are reliable, but there are also ALOT of transmission shops that will do ANYTHING to get your transmission repair job… Even if that means deceiving you with a ultra cut-rate price.

The old saying of “IF THE PRICE SOUNDS TOO  SPLENDID TO BE TRUE, THEN IT probable IS!!!”

The whole point of these dis-honest transmission shops is to get your car in their shop, remove the transmission and then “ROB YOU BLIND”. You should be cautious of any repair shop that offers a cut-rate price to under cut the competition out.. You will pay more than you ever bargained for.

Here are a few tips to avoid being ripped off:

Get all repair quotes in writing. The best advice we can give you is to NEVER allow a repair center to work on your vehicle without a written quote.

Ask your friend about a shop.

Look at their google reviews.

get hold of the better business burea and see if the transmission repair shop has any complaints against it

Ask yourself if the repair price is too good to be true.

If you get several quotes and most of them are pretty close and you one that is way lower than the competitors, you have to ask what are they leaving out or what will they NOT do??

If you buy something because it has the cheapest price, you can almost gaurantee that you will end up paying much more than if you had took you car to a repair shop that was in line with industry standards..


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