Key Reasons Why Used Car Owners Should Consider Car Donation

The reasons for going for car donation are many; some of them are listed below. The first and most important reason for car donation is to help someone in need whether directly or indirectly. There are some charity organizations which accept car donation and later auction the used cars. The proceeds are added to the funds of the charity which are used for furthering so many different social causes including taking care of orphans and abandoned children and helping drug and alcohol addicted youth by rehabilitating them. Your car donation could help directly as well. Some charity organizations accept car donation specifically to donate it to another family which is in bad need of transportation.


Another reason is the benefit you can get from tax by car donation. These tax benefits for car donation are equal to the fair market value of the car, which could either be estimated through comparison with cars of other model or make or from the sale price of the car in a public auction. The tax benefits for car donation are substantial in some cases especially with used car experts providing good returns on your car donation through their expertise which also benefits charity organizations.


Thirdly car donation can be done for convenience. Whether your car is in a drivable condition or not, you can go for car donation with charity organizations providing free pickup or towing service if required. Moreover, you can also dispose off an old car to clear your garage which you might want to prepare in advance for a new car that you might be planning to purchase.


Last but not the least is that instead of looking for someone to buy your car so that you can earn a profit go for car donation and get the benefit of tax deduction which is equivalent to the first option. Sometimes, trying to sell your car instead of car donation could be a bad decision especially if you are busy and really cannot afford to lose out on your weekends as well. Car donation is a simple process that can sometimes be accomplished in just a few minutes. A lot of charity organizations are providing all the support and convenience they can to make it easy for used car owners to go for car donation.


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