Identifying Exactly What Makes A BMW Truly Special

Driving a BMW isn’t your typical driver experience. These cars carry years of a tradition in excellence behind them, and once you discover this for yourself, you will see just how correct this reputation is. Visit your local Agoura BMW Service and take one of these cars for a test drive. You won’t be disappointed.

One of the most important aspects of a vehicle from Orange County used BMW dealer is its design. Everyone in charge of making these cars is constantly looking for new ways to make the car’s aesthetics, technology, and safety stand out.

When these cars are being made, careful attention is paid to its aerodynamic qualities. When a car is more aerodynamic, it’s faster as well, and this is easily proven by the sheer number of racing trophies that BMW has lined up. An example of this innovation is the placement of the spoiler on the front of the car. A spoiler is responsible for keeping air from rushing under the car which slows the car down. The shape of the car also helps keep it more aerodynamic, which in turn, makes sharp turns and maneuvers easier.

BMW has many unique features that are exclusive to their vehicles. One of these features is the Hofmeister Kink. This feature is located on the side rear windows of a BMW where these windows are separated from the rear glass, and it is said to allude to the rear wheel drive used by these cars. Named after Willhem Hofmeister, a designer at BMW, it originally made its debut in 1961, and it is still seen on BMW’s today.

Another exclusive feature is the kidney grille. As another particular trademark of BMW, they are easily recognized when inspecting a BMW. The year 1933 is when they made their grand entrance, where they were introduced to help increase aerodynamics.

The quad headlights are yet another part of a BMW that makes them so recognizable. This feature has only been recognized relatively recently, coming out in the 1980’s. However, many new BMW’s still bear this traditional “four-eyed” visage.

The logo of BMW is referred to as “The Roundel.” As a very recognizable symbol of this particular automobile manufacturer, it has come under much scrutiny as to what it’s meaning is. Many say it’s representative of two airplane propellers rotating in a bright blue sky. This would make sense, as BMW originally started out as a manufacturer of airplane motors. This logo also symbolizes the years of tradition that back up a BMW. BMW has always been known for its innovation in the field of motors and automobiles. They are consistently discovering new ways to make their cars even better.

The personality of every Agoura BMW Dealership makes driving them an experience unlike any other. Driving shouldn’t be something you dread doing. Instead, it should be a fun activity. Getting behind the wheel of the right car is the first step in transitioning your driver experience from boring to thrilling. Individuality is a quality that the manufacturers of BMW’s always cherish, and if you are looking for a way to stand out on the road, visit your local Agoura BMW dealership and test drive one today.

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