Details of new Porsche Cayman R

Porsche is going racing with what is its most dynamic design for the circuit – the middle-engined Cayman. The Porsche Cayman S has absent on a diet program and added on the energy to be transformed into the Cayman R. Fat has been reduce by 55 kg to 1320 kg and electricity elevated by ten hp through motor tuning & a new exhaust program.


To accomplish the previous, aluminium is utilized for the doors, along with the handles inside of replaced by material door pulls. At the identical time, attributes these kinds of as the audio program, air-con, even the instrument binnacle cow, cupholders have been junked & stainless steel scuff plates are deleted. Then there are carbon fibre type seats.

But for the Singapore market place, the two the aircon & audio have been secured. There are also a lot more deluxe semi-electric leather sports activities seats for our market place. All these suggest that as an alternative of the 55kg bodyweight protecting, the Cayman R autos here are about 20 kilos lighter.

Still, the variation is palpable, an even though torque is unchanged & the 3.4-L horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine only develops 330hp, or up ten hp from the Porsche Cayman S’s 320hp (the little energy hike is due to Porsche not seeking to infringe into the flagship Porsche 911’s territory).

Portion of the cause for this difference is the Porsche Cayman R’s bespoke sports activities suspension. There is no PASM Porsche Energetic Suspension Administration with its variable damping. Rather, the Porsche Cayman India R runs of a set of steel springs & dampers, with a 20 mm lowered experience peak compared with the Cayman S.

This much more capable chassis, jointly with the intense-throated growl of the exhaust, make the car experience raw by Porsche expectations. But this much more feral character is not just a sensation. With the optional Sport Chrono deal, the Cayman R zips from 0 to 100 kmh in 4.7 sec, down from the Porshe Cayman S’s 4.9 sec. A deeper front lip spoiler& tall back wing offer extra aerodynamic help.

Blip the fuel pedal & the R seems to leap forward much more enthusiastically. As you speed up, there is that exact same sleek progression via the gears of the 7-velocity PDK dual-clutch transmission but with a slew more urgency.

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