Mobile Car & Auto Window Tint

Car Window Tint TempeHaving a good car window tint is one of the immediate things that every car owner should aspire for primarily because of two things: privacy and health. The automobile is sometimes an extension of a person’s room, and it acts as a place where people can do things like change clothes, eat, and rest, especially for those who have an on the go kind of busy lifestyle.  Privacy films, as they are popularly known, offer the owner the chance to have the inside of the car completely invisible from people who are outside, or having it translucent from the outside without fully giving up the private space on the inside. Additionally, an effective auto window tint installation protects the health of the driver as it decreases the sun’s ability to penetrate the window with its harmful ultraviolet rays, which can definitely damage the skin in the long run.



High Performance Series

Grey metal construction for superior heat rejection

Average heat rejection 45%

Excellent optical clarity while reducing glare

Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty




Auto Tint PricesCar Window Tint Tempe AZ



2 or 4  Door Sedan $170

2 or 4 Door  Hatchback $180



Single Cab $130

Extra Cab $140

4 Door Crew Cab $160


Mini Van / SUV’s

Full Size $200

Mid Size or Minivan $190


Tint Removal

W/ Re-tint $50

W/O Re-tint $100


Note: Additional charges may apply for select sports vehicles with large and/or curved back glasses



Additionally, most tints have heat rejection films, which, when applied to a flat glass’ interior, reduces the amount of visible light and infrared. The secret behind these tints is that the films are dyed or metalized, which allows the conversion of solar radiation into infrared radiation. The latter is then rejected through the glass in order to reduce the presence of heat inside the car, especially if it is left parked somewhere for a very long time. Aside from the traditional films coating the surface of a window, recent technologies have introduced the concept of ceramic and silvered films. The strength of these coatings is to prevent the shattering of the glass due to heat and regular wear and tear set-up. So, in the end, having the window tinted increases its shelf life, allowing a driver to save money in the process. Finally, tinting the window can increase the aesthetic value of the car. Some cars use graphic design films, which are either colored or frosted vinyl. The former resembles sandblasted or acid etched glass very closely, while the former is available in a wide range of colors, which can reflect the owner’s distinct personality. Both films are widely accessed in the commercial customization of the auto window.

While there are a lot of do it yourself tutorials available, which promise “outcome like a pro” to the viewer, it is still more advised that the business of car window tint be left to professionals. The best that everyone can do, then, is to find for the best company to do it. For people in Arizona, good news is on the way, as Arizona Window Replacement is always there to help. They utilize only the quality window films that are available in the county. The best thing is that all their services have lifetime warranties against fading, delamination, cracking, and peeling, among others, as they are the absolute enemies of filmed windows.