Best Energy Efficient Windows & Doors by Milgard

Milgard Windows & DoorsIf you are looking for the best energy efficient windows, Milgard has plenty of options to consider. Windows and skylights that are leaky can let cold or hot air into your home, which increases your energy costs. There are some things you should look for when it comes to selecting energy efficient windows.

Energy Conserving Components

In order for a window to be efficient in terms of energy, there are three components to consider. This has to do with how the window is made and designed. Once you know what to look for, you can make a wise choice when it comes to your home. These factors include the frame, glass, and spacer.


The material of the frame is one of the most important factors to consider. The best materials when it comes to energy efficiency are vinyl and fiberglass. These materials do not allow heat to transfer very well, which helps keep your home well insulated. Ultimately you may consider aesthetics when it comes to making your choice, since vinyl and fiberglass have different looks. However, you want to make sure the frame is designed for energy efficiency.


There should be a dual pane design, meaning that there are two panes of glass with some space in between. Between the glass is either air or gas. This insulates far better than a single pane. In addition, there also needs to be coating on the glass. This special coating has a double purpose. First, it helps keep heat outside the home during the summer, but inside during the winter. It also filters the light that comes in, which will keep your interior furnishings from fading.


Between each pane of glass is a spacer. This keeps the glass panes at the correct distance apart, which keeps air flowing between them. The exact spacing is important, since too much or too little can reduce the efficiency of the window. The spacer also reduces condensation and heat transfer.

Window Styles

Milgard has a variety of styles to choose from when it comes to windows. Some of these include:

-Single hung
-Double hung
-Horizontal slider

The right style depends on your own aesthetic tastes and your current decor. With so many options, finding the right one for your home is easy.

Window Materials

You also have options when it comes to the frame material. There are vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Vinyl: Durable and energy efficient, this is a popular choice for windows.

Aluminum: Strong and stiff, this material is best for maximizing your view. However, it is not very energy efficient.

Fiberglass: This is a strong, durable, and efficient option. Fiberglass is also very beautiful and matches a variety of styles.

Milgard Window Options

When it comes to the best energy efficient windows, you have options. Know what to look for in a quality and efficient window. Select the style and material that best fits your needs. Enjoy the comfort, style, and view that comes from a Milgard window.