Windshield Replacement Safety Tips

Use a windshield repair shop that only employs qualified and trained employeesAutomobile Windshields Safety

Use a windshield repair shop that only uses quick curing urethane (automotive grade)

Use a windshield repair shop that understands the dangers of contamination

Use a windshield repair shop that has the right knowledge of handling glass and preparing pinchwelds


Automobile Windshield Replacement Trained Technicians

Locating a shop that employs trained workers is one of the fundamental keys to having an automobile windshield replacement properly done.  Tempe Windshield Replacement holds a membership in the NGA or National Glass Association.  We are certified for all types of repairs on automobile windshields.  Here, you will find a properly trained windshield installer that is concerned for your safety and treats you professionally.  Additionally, the technician will instruct you in all that you need to know after the windshield installation.  This includes care for the new glass, your nationwide warranty, and the time to wait before driving away after the completion of the job.


Quick Curing Automobile Windshield Adhesives

The urethane that the windshield repair shop chooses is by and far the most important of all factors in any automobile windshield replacements.  This material is the agent used to bond the glass to the pinchweld.  Failure of the bond can allow the glass to become loose endangering the lives of the driver and the passengers.  With many of these adhesives, there is a long lag between finishing the job and the time the automobile can once again be driven.  This could mean that the automobile needs to sit for several hours or even days.  The quick drying adhesives used by Tempe Windshield Replacement allows the automobile to leave the grounds about one hour after the job has been finished.  In addition, this repair shop only uses those urethane’s that have undergone vigorous testing to show that all federal standards have been met.


Nitrile Glove to Protect from Contamination

The industry standard is the use of nitrile gloves that have no powder.  These gloves serve to keep the bond of glass to metal from becoming contaminated.  Our policy requires that technicians wear these gloves during the process of installing every new windshield.  The gloves keep the surfaces free from the oils that might cause the adhesive to separate.  Each technician is trained to recognize the importance of the bonding process and made aware of the company policy.


Properly prepared Automobile Pinchwelds

The pinchweld is integral to the replacement of the automobile windshield.  If rust is found in this area, our technicians take the time to remove the rust and treat them to prevent further rusting.  Untreated scratches can quickly become rust and cause the bond to break.  A break in the seal may allow the adhesive to fail during a crash endangering the occupants of the vehicle.  Trained technicians will ensure that the correct products are used, including high quality primers to keep the pinchweld on your vehicle free from rust.