Windshield Repair Process

Tempe Windshield RepairA windshield chip repair is a process where debris and air are removed from a break or crack of a windshield and a clear resin is injected to fill the void. The filled resin is then exposed to ultraviolet light so that it gets hardened. This helps to restore strength and avoid the break from further spreading. You can perform a windshield repair only on laminated glass like windshields. The structure is kept intact by inserting the resin between the two layers of glass.


If the break of the car windshield is smaller than the size of a business card, then the windshields can be properly repaired. The impact point will not fully disappear by a windshield crack repair. But the impact point is improved by as much as 60 to 80 percent. Every auto windshield repair performed is different from another. The success of a auto windshield repair is dependent on various factors like the type of break, contamination, the size, and the location of the break.


Pitted Windshields

A windshield chip repair cannot be performed if the top layer of the laminated glass or windshield doesn’t break all the way through. If the windshields is just pitted and the top layer of the windshield doesn’t fully break, the windshield repair resin cannot be inserted because there is no room to insert the resin. But there is no risk of spreading when the windshield only has pits.  We can fill a windshield pit to make the windshield have a smoother finish however this is only a cosmetic fix. We do not recommend this type of repair because it does not improve the integrity of the windshield. Some windshield companies may charge you or your insurance company to fill pits which we feel is an unethical practice.


Sand Blasted Windshields

Some car windshields are severely pitted and what we refer to as being “sand blasted”. A windshield that is sand blasted has hundreds of tiny pits in the front windshield and these tiny pits can reflect sun rays that are sometimes dangerous and blinding to Arizona drivers. Sand blasted windshields are caused by many factors including; Arizona dust storms, highway driving, driving on Arizona dirt roads, little sand micro bursts, and even just daily driving on Arizona roads over a period of time. There is no way that a “sand blasted” windshield can be repaired; therefore it is recommend that you have your car windshield replaced. If you carry full glass coverage on your comprehensive policy; a sand blasted windshield would be covered under your endorsement. Visit our Windshield Replacement Insurance FAQ’s page for more information about insurance claims.


Auto Windshield Repair Benefits:

1. It is quite cheaper to repair a chipped windshield compared to replacing a windshield

2. Auto windshield repairs can be done in matter of less than 30 minutes

3. The windshield seal doesn’t get compromised in windshield repairs

4. Deductibles are waived by many insurance companies for a auto windshield chip repair

5. The integrity of the structure is restored

6. Auto windshield chip repairs are guaranteed from spreading from the point of repair


Auto Windshield Chip Repair risks which are not disclosed by many companies.

The technician will have to apply pressure to the damaged area during the process of repair. While performing the repair there is a possibility of the crack breaking out further during the process. However, these chances are minimal but there is always the potential unspoken risk. Many rock chips breaks can be spotted by our trained technician which are more risky than others. Hence the technician will discuss the risk associated with rock chip repair and other things before beginning the repair process. Besides this, the risk may be higher if there are combination breaks, star breaks, and cracks. The technician will perform all that is necessary to do the repairs and will try to stop and avoid the break from further running; but Tempe Windshield Replacement does not have the responsibility if this happens. However, there will be no charges for a failed repair. In addition, Tempe Windshield Replacement offers the most competitive car windshield replacement costs in the industry.


The process of a Auto Windshield Chip Repair

1. Check the damage of the car windshield and affirm the possibility of repair

2. Determine the success probability of the windshield chip repair and discuss with customer

3. Protect exterior and interior of the working area

4. Remove air and debris from windshields break

5. Filling windshield repair resin into break

6. In order to cure adequately, apply UV light over damaged area

7. Remove extra resin from repair area

8. Do polishing of the car windshield, if required

9. Cleaning of repaired windshield